About Us


Launched on February 21, 1952 and founded by Mr. Edmund Ho and other four well-known figures, Companhia de Auto-Carros de Macau – Fok Lei provided public transportation in Macau. The company was then restructured and renamed Transmac – Transportes Urbanos de Macau, S.A.R.L. in 1988. Mr. Liu Hei Wan is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors.

With more than 1000 employees and more than 500 vehicles, Transmac not only operates the 33 bus routes approved by the Macao SAR government, which is its main business, but also provides bus rental services, such as shuttle buses and event transportation for government agencies, public and private enterprises, schools, associations and the public.

“Transmac – Innovation and Progression” is the business objectives.

The company has been committed to innovation. For example, the way passengers pay the fare has evolved from ticket selling by a conductor, to self-service payment of bus fares through insertion of coins into collection boxes, to the self-developed IC card electronic payment system; originally, there were only a few air-conditioned buses, but later the whole bus fleet consisted of air-conditioned ones; replacing manual conversion devices with automatic conversion devices; keep pace with the times, the continued introduction of the latest EU environment-friendly buses; the introduction of low-floor buses, and two-door minibuses and three-door buses to facilitate passengers’ boarding; equipping the compartment with voice and display screen systems for information of stops, TV broadcast, USB charging devices, and WIFI access etc.

“People-Oriented and Customer First” is the company’s service tenet.

In terms of passengers, all the staff of Transmac strives to provide the general public with punctual, safe, and quality bus service. In terms of employees, Transmac provides and creates appropriate working environment for its employees; provides qualification and skill training for employees to enhance their confidence in their jobs; provides cultural and recreational activities which benefit the employees and their family members, and set up venues for recreational and sporting activities of employees, in order to alleviate their work pressure; provides all kinds of incentives in recognition of the achievements of employees; sets up dedicated departments for employee care to provide them with more intimate and meticulous care.

Transmac believes that only continuous innovation and improvement can ensure the continuous improvement of bus services with the times; only professional and dedicated employees can ensure the high quality of bus services.

Therefore, Transmac has long focused on the investment of resources on its hardware and software.