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Driver’s Reckless Driving and Attitude,Please give attention to your drivers’ attitude and the way they drive vehicles. Be cautious to your passengers’ safety especially to those pregnant and elderly.This morning, one pregnant passenger fell to the bus’ floor because of immediate fast driving while she is not yet seated. Bus Driver’s Bad Attitude: Here is my response about the pregnant passenger insident. The bus is MT4, plate no. MW5275, route going to Taipa Ferry Terminal, around 9:45 AM, M-184 Mercado bus stop.
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Thank you for your feedback. Our company pays great importance to passengers’ safety and driving. Bus captains have always been required to wait until passengers are seated or stabilized before start driving to ensure the safety of all passengers. According to this situation, our company will continue to reinforce bus captain training and continue to pay attention to their driving situation and take adequate actions in a timely manner. We hope you can provide a specific date of the incident so that our company can follow up further. Thank you once again for your feedback.