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10 April 2024 18.30,A bus number 25 didnt stop at the Nobre de Carvalho stop because another 25 was there. The first 25 was full and I was hoping to get on the one came behind, but it didnt stop because the driver saw the first one there. The driver cannot do this, he needs to stop at all its stops even of other 3 of the same number are there. Please correct this type of behaviour.
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Thank you for your feedback. After verifying our records regarding the situation of the two closest bus Route 25 stopping at the Taipa Estrada Governador Nobre de Carvalho bus stop, the first bus Route 25 mentioned had already picked up waiting passengers when it stopped at the bus station. After boarding, the bus still had space to accommodate more passengers and had not reached its full capacity. Subsequently, the second bus Route 25 passed by the station. As there was already another bus of the same route providing boarding services at the station, the bus continued on its route without stopping. However, we have reminded the drivers of the need to enter the bus stops in an orderly manner, as we strictly prohibit unauthorized skipping of stations. Buses must enter the stations in an orderly manner to keep a close watch on the movement of waiting passengers, aiming to ensure passengers' travel needs are met.