Transmas held Summer activity “Bus Magnifiers”

9 July 2018

Organized by Education and Youth Affairs Bureau of Macau S.A.R and assisted by the Transport Bureau of the Macau S.A.R, the 3-weekend summer event “Bus Magnifiers” formally began on the 7th July。 Transmac has brought almost 60 families to participated the event, including visit the Ilha Verde depot,learn about bus services and daily operation, narrow the gap between passenger and bus service provider, encourage to use public transport.


A bus was dispatched to the Transportation Bureau in the morning to pick up the parents and children and escort them to the Transmac Bus Depot at Ilha Verde. They were warmly welcome by the staff member. It began with the introduction to the guest how to use public transport with manner and a quiz with prizes, the children were eager to answer questions. This followed by 3 videos regarding mobile station captain, technician and cashier, which introduced the daily life of the bus company member in different post. Next the Company invited the guests to the bus repair facility. The children were mesmerized by the process, and found it fascinating. Afterwards, the participants were brought to the three-door bus and looked into different facilities under the guidance of Transmac representatives. After a closer approach of the bus equipment, the parents said the facilities onboard were helpful. They said that they would use the facilities more often in the future.


At the end of the visit, every guest was presented with a souvenir. They also took a group photo. The parents believed that it was a meaningful event. Transmac also expressed its gratitude to the Transportation Bureau for inviting it to join this meaningful and joyous event. The Company hopes that the children can learn about public transport etiquette and become good future citizens through this relaxing and cheerful event.