Transmac held the Fire Safety Training

19 June 2018

In order to enhance the knowledge for the bus captain and frontline staff of fire precaution, evacuation, preparation and crisis resilience during bus fire or other emergency, Transmac has invited Corpo de Bombeiros (CB), the Macau Fire Service Department to host 1-hour seminars with total 5 seminars in 3 days, 169 staffs was participated.

The seminar focused mainly on fire safety knowledge, appropriate responses in case of a fire and fire fighting exercise. Representative of CB introduced the fire fighting equipment and listing rules inside a bus and elaborated the standard process during bus fires in details. In addition, the representative of CB also introduced and demonstrated the proper way to use the fire extinguisher to put out fire and use emergency hammer to break through bus windows, and the bus captain was invited to participate the exercise. The training was carried out smoothly, all the bus captains were dedicated it and successfully completed it. Through the simulation of the fire-fighting exercise, the bus captains were able to acquire more knowledge to dealing with fire incidents.

Transmac has been always focused on passenger safeties. Therefore, Fire Safety Training are held annually to enhance fire-prevention awareness of their staffs to ensure proper handling. Transmac would continue hosting different type of training to enhance the professionalism and crisis resilience of bus driver to ensure safety and comfort are provided in using public transport.