Transmac organises fire safety training

23 February 2018

Transmac – Transportes Urbanos de Macau S.A.R.L. will organise a total of four fire safety training sessions in the first quarter this year for frontline staff members such as bus captains and terminus supervisors, in order to strengthen their understanding of fire prevention and emergency management.

The first two training sessions were successfully held in the morning and afternoon of 24th February at the temporary bus parking area opposite MGM Macau. More than 100 Transmac staff members joined the training sessions. The remaining two sessions will take place within March.

A minibus and a three-door bus were employed in the first two training sessions, with each session lasting for one and a half hours. Compared to previous training sessions, the current ones put an emphasis on the handling of emergencies. Apart from presenting the operation of fire extinguishers, Transmac employees were also advised on how they should check the different safety equipment inside and outside the buses, so as to ensure safety while the buses are in use.

The training sessions also simulated emergency incidents on board buses, with a series of procedures – from calming the passengers and directing them to escape from the bus, to completing the handling of the incidents and reporting them to the control centre – demonstrated to the participants.

Transmac hopes that its employee’s knowledge of handling on-board emergencies and the relevant procedures will be strengthened through the training sessions. The Company also expects that staff member’s safety awareness will be heightened.