Higer – Extended-Range Electric Bus (10m Mid-size Bus)

The new batch of extended-range electric mid-size buses that were officially put into service in 2022, the middle door of the compartment is designed to move backwards to make more room for the first half of the compartment.

In order to facilitate passengers to get on and off the vehicle, the entire vehicle adopts a fully low platform design and is equipped with a side kneeling function; the embedded coin box design also increases the space at the front door. Moreover, a route information display screen is installed in the vehicle to facilitate passengers in obtaining route itineraries. Additionally, to protect the safety of passengers and to ensure the normal operation of the bus, the bus is equipped with electronic rearview mirrors, anti-pinch electric sliding doors, EBS electronic braking an anti-slip system and “G-BOS” real-time monitoring system. In case of abnormal situations, the system will report to the monitoring platform and automatically shuts down.