Higer – Articulated Extended-Range Electric Bus(18m)

The new batch of 18-meter articulated extended-range electric super-long buses that were officially put into service in 2024, are currently the first articulated extended-range electric super-long buses in Macau and even nationwide, with a maximum capacity of 130 pax and with both environmental benefits and high transportation efficiency. The buses are equipped with three doors and side kneeling function to facilitate passengers getting on and off the bus, and anti-pinch electric sliding doors to protect passengers’ safety. Moreover, they are equipped with left and right electronic rearview mirrors to increase bus safety and service, and three route information display screens in the compartment for passengers to obtain route itineraries conveniently.

Besides, the buses are equipped with EBS electronic braking and anti-slipping system, as well as “G-BOS” real-time monitoring system, which can conduct real-time monitoring of the battery, motor, electronic control, report abnormal situations to the monitoring platform and automatically shuts down to ensure operational safety. They are also equipped with German air-cushion driver seats with automatic adjustment, spine protection and massage functions in order to increase driver’s comfort while on duty.