2019 Transmac Spring Dinner

22 January 2019

To thank all the staff members of Transmac for their time and efforts in the past year, 3 spring dinners were held at Federal Restaurant on 17 & 18 January consecutively. All staff members including the management and board of directors attended the event, also representatives from various authorities and association including DSAT bureau director Mr. Lam Hin San, subdirector Mr. Chiang Ngoc Vai, Subdirector (Subst.º) Mr. Lo Seng Chi, Macao Federation of Trade Unions vice-president Mr. Lam Heong Sang, members from Transport Advisory Committee was attended on invitation.

Mr. Liu Hei Wan the Chairman of the Board of Directors commented that in the past year, the bus services attribute 66 thousand kilometers on a daily basis, 280 thousand passenger movements, over 320 thousand passenger movement on 31st Dec reaching the daily record high. Bus service is about the livelihood for people that are relevant to people’s daily life, given the increase of tourist in the past years that underlines the importance of bus services. In the future, apart from continue to ensure road safety and driving training, Transmac would also use intelligent safety warning and indicative electronic device to make sure safety management through scientific measure and real-time measure for on-going enhancements on bus services, innovation and perfection.

2017 Staff members with 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of serivces were being awarded with the long term service gold metal to appreciate the loyalty and efforts for all these years. A deaf colleague who has been working in Transmac for 13 years was using sign language to share working acquaintances and thank the company to provide such opportunities for the disadvantaged groups. Subsequently, lucky draw and signing performance elevated the climax of the night. Enter into the New Year; Transmac would inherit the sprit of innovation for improvement to spare no effort to provide bus services.