The two buses companies invited the Transport Consultative Committee to visit the new extended-range electric bus

26 January 2021

The new extended-range electric bus produced by Yinlong Energy Co. Ltd arrived in Macau a few days ago. This morning, Transmac and TCM invited members of the Transport Consultative Committee for an on-site visit and a trial ride. Representatives of Zhuhai Yinlong Group, Transmac and TCM attended the reception, experienced the trial ride and exchanged ideas.


This morning, the two bus companies invited more than 10 members of the Transport Consultative Committee to visit the bus depot in ZAPE, and an introduction was given by the technical representative of Zhuhai Yinlong Group, regarding the equipment and characteristics of the new extended-range electric bus. The new vehicles include a bus and a minibus developed by Yinlong Energy Co. Ltd. The buses adopt a streamlined appearance and a lightweight design, emphasizing energy saving and consumption reduction. Among them, the bus body size specification is 0500*2500*3350mm, with a total passenger capacity of 68 people (21+1 seats) and the total weight is less than 15 tons which meets the weight limit requirements for driving in the Governador Nobre de Carvalho Bridge. The bus is equipped with sound and thermal insulation materials that can reduce noise, a plug-in extended-range system and a smart auxiliary driving safety system which also improves driving safety and cruising range.


After the visit, participants boarded the new bus for a test ride, passing by the Governador Nobre de Carvalho Bridge and the operation was smooth and successful. During the process, representatives of the two bus companies and members of the Transport Consultative Committee exchanged views mainly in respect to the development of bus equipment, new electric buses and local eco-friendly transportation. Transmac representatives said that in the future, they will continue to communicate closely with the Transport Bureau and Transport Consultative Committee to discuss the introduction of more suitable new energy vehicles and will actively promote the development of eco-friendly transportation in Macao, in order to meet the travel needs of local residents.