Transmac increases route frequency to facilitate resumption of classes in elementary and middle schools

2 June 2020

In Macao, elementary and middle school classes will resume from 1st June. TRANSMAC states, that in addition to the travel needs of students it also needs to take into account the needs of parents accompanying their children during travel. It is expected that more classes will resume in this time. This week, the focus will be on increasing the frequency of routes 1A, 26, 51A, MT4, and more than 20 buses have been added on more than 10 routes to cope with peak passenger flow. The bus capacity has increased by 5% compared with last week’s high school classes resumption.


In response to the travel needs of students to resume classes, Transmac continues to use scientific data analysis and previous experience for predictions. At the same time, will assign additional staff to key bus stops to guide passengers and maintain order, and make operational scheduling arrangements in due time. In addition, for some parents picking up their children, Transmac also increased its bus frequency targeting noon and afternoon school hours. Through station staff and road condition inspection, as well as with the cooperation of back-office staff, the traffic and passenger flows are grasped in real time, and the frequency are dispatched to guide passengers also in real time; in addition, with the completion of the Avenida da Praia Grande and Avenida de Horta e Costa road projects, part of the road traffic in Macao also resumed operation, and the related bus routes and stops will also resume its original schedule from the first departure as from 1st June. In general, the overall bus operation during the resumption of the classes is smooth, and the schedule arrangement basically meet the passengers’ travel needs.


Due to the unstable weather recently, Transmac appeals to the public and students to pay attention to the latest bus information and service conditions, as well as weather conditions and radio traffic news, arrange to go out to work or to school early and take personal precautions measures. Transmac will continue to adjust the frequency schedule according to the distribution of passenger flow and actual needs to ensure the safety and comfort of citizens and students travelling by bus.