Transmac dispatches shifts for resumption of the classes in high schools

26 May 2020

The fourth to sixth grades of the elementary schools in Macao will resume classes this Monday. Transmac expects that the demand for travel during the peak hours in the morning will increase, therefore, added in particular about 30 buses and nearly 100 shifts. The bus frequency during the peak hours have returned approximately to the situation before the epidemic outbreak. Some routes, such as routes 16 and 26A, are increased to every 5 minutes, and some routes even more than before the epidemic outbreak, so that the buses will not be overcrowded, and it will be easier for the public to travel. Special bus shifts are also added at 7:00 am and 7:15 am on the route 25AX of the outlying island area such as Butterfly Valley Terminal, so as to cope with new travel demand changes.


The recent epidemic situation in Macau has stabilized. Transmac states that bus configuration can resume smoothly in response to demands relying on the government’s arrangement of separate resumption of classes and the schools’ guidance of students to go back to schools in batches to avoid the peak hour. For the travel needs of students, Transmac will continue to handle them in a flexible manner, adjust bus frequency with data analysis according to the actual situation, and communicate with the schools to provide more convenient bus services. For cross-border students, the frequency of the port bus is also sufficient to meet the needs of the public; cross-border students are required to perform nucleic acid tests every seven days, and Transmac will arrange three routes, such as routes 26, 51A, and AP1 for those who need to go to Pac On Nucleic Acid Test Station.


For bus epidemic prevention work, Transmac stated that it will continue to strictly implement anti-epidemic measures, constantly clean and disinfect daily and maintain the air circulation of the buses. Meanwhile, Transmac urges the public to wear masks properly, to take care of yourself and others, and to maintain a good environment when travelling by bus.