Transmac in conjunction with the second stage class resumption arrangement

12 May 2020

During the first week of class resumption in Macao, the overall operation of Transmac bus was generally smooth. To cope with the next stage of the SAR government’s class resumption arrangement, Transmac uses the past student data to formulate a suitable shift plan in advance, and at the same time send additional staff to maintain order in the station and guide passengers to ride.


According to the data, passengers from 7am to 8:15am in the first week of class resumption increased by nearly 14% compared with the time before the class resumption, while from 4:30pm to 7pm increased by about 10%. The class resumption of middle school student this week will expect to have double of the student passengers. Transmac have targeted operational adjustment arrangements. The number of departures has increased by about 160 times before the resumption of classes. The number of vehicles allocated has also increased by about 60 buses to enhance the bus carrying capacity of each district and balance the travel needs of students and other passengers. The operation yesterday was generally smooth. The overall departure and arrival was on time. In addition, due to the recent adjustment of the government’s immigration policy, the passenger flow at the border gate also increased significantly. Transmac has continued to actively communicate and coordinate with DSAT in recent days. This week, it continued to focus on encrypting related routes such as routes 26A, 33, 34 and MT4. The service time of route 25AX has also been restored to the operating frequency of 7am to 9am in the morning to ease the traffic caused by the class resumption.


Due to the recent road rectification works, Transmac urges the public and students to pay attention to the latest bus information and service conditions, as well as weather conditions and radio traffic news. Transmac will continue to adjust the shift plan according to the distribution of passenger flow and actual needs to ensure the safety and comfort of residents and students bus traveling.