Transmac carried out series of measures to welcome class resumption

5 May 2020

The Macao High School began resumption of classes on 4th May. In order to cope with the SAR government ’s resumption of classes, Transmac carried out a series of measures in advance, including scientific forecasting and analysis of passenger flow, increase route frenquency, deploy additional staff to understand passenger conditions for scheduling and vehicle cleaning and disinfection to ensure the safety and convenience of student travel during the epidemic.


Transmac uses big data to analyze the travel record data of students who have taken the Transmac Bus before the resumption of classes, in order to grasp the passenger flow rules such as student travel time, boarding location and number of people, to formulate a reasonable schedule in advance. The data shows that the travel time of students is mainly concentrated between 7am and 7:30am, and the places of getting on are mainly concentrated in the areas of Boarder Gate, Areia Preta, and Fai Chi Kei, as well as the areas of Rua do Campo and Praça de Ferreira do Amaral, and also in the remote island area Around Seac Pai Van. Transmac actively communicated and coordinated with DSAT, focusing on increase of routes 16, 17, 26A, 33 and other related routes frenqency, and resuming the operation of the route 25AX from 7am to 8am in the morning, and the route 51 is driven by an 18-meter articulated bus which relieves the traffic pressure caused by the class resumption.


In order to effectively grasp the real-time passenger conditions, Transmac will send additional staff to inspect the key roads and the the station during the class resumption, assist passengers and maintain order, and pay close attention to the on-site passenger conditions, and arrange for dedicated personnel to monitor the vehicle position and departure status in real time. Dispatch in a timely and accurate manner to quickly guide passengers. On the day after the resumption of the class, it was learned that the actual passenger flow was basically in line with the forecast, and the schedule arrangement was practically able to cope with passenger travel. At the same time, it was found that the passenger flow of the Alm. Sérgio Corridor has increased significantly. To ensure that passengers travel smoothly. After that, it will be continued to pay close attention to the changes in passenger flow, and adjust the schedule to meet the actual needs to ensure smooth travel of passengers.


In addition, Transmac will continue to strictly implement anti-epidemic measures, constantly cleaning and disinfecting vehicles on a daily basis, and use intelligent traffic management system to provide a safe and convenient travel environment for the majority of passengers during the class resumption period.