Transport Knowledge Seminar

12 July 2019

Transmac has organized the “Transport knowledge Seminar” earlier to improve safety awareness, reduce accidents and enhance capability and co-ordination in the event of accident.

This Seminar was host by DSAT AND CPSP-Transportation, one of the activity of “2019 Road safety promotion”. The seminar was held in the Ilha Verde Depot for 3 consecutive days. Around 300 employees participated. In order to improve road safety awareness of the public, issues like Macau traffic condition, common illegal traffic incident were introduced, reasons and measures were identified through data analysis and example. Besides, for ease of understanding, quiz game was being carried out.

CPSP stated that, through education to improve safety awareness, promotion to ehance traffic knowledge and procecution for control, they hope to achieve safe and courteous manner of road traffic. Colleagues from Transmac were showing interest in the event, they were able to refresh their road safety knowledge and apply to their daily driving attention. Transmac always put road safety as one of their priority and hoping to use varies training to continue to improve safety knowledge and spare no effort to Macau’s traffic environment.