Yuet Wah College Mathematic research group visit Transmac

14 May 2019

Transmac received a total of 20 students from the Yuet Wah College mathematic research group with the talk of “how mathematics can be applied to the Bus industry” as a theme to exchange ideas.

The event begins with a brief introduction of the company operation condition, which elaborates with presentation to show how Transmac using integrated data to carry out Dispatch management and resources integration, and also simulates traffic planning for public transport efficiency enhancement in order to provide convenient transportation services to the public. Students were focused and brought up questions during the introduction, and share their research results following the session, the atmosphere was relax and pleasant.

After the introduction, students were arranged to ride on the newly purchased Hybrid Electric bus, the features of the bus is self charging system which lowered the noise and pollution while driving in order to be more environmental friendly. Some student found that this bus was more quite than other ordinary bus, the ride was pleasant.  At last, baggage tag and bus models specially made by the company were handover to teachers and students as gift for the memory of the event. The teacher who leads this event was appreciated by the practicality and meaningful education value of the event outside the classroom, and the video of the activities will be record it in the education TV show made by Education and Youth Affairs Bureau to broadcast.