Transmac Friendship Walk

13 April 2019

In order to promote social harmony, Transmac organized its staff to join the “2019 Friendship Walk” held by the Best Buddies Macao Association, the event was aim to promote harmony, improve caring and improve awareness of special person acceptance.


The event not only raise money for the “ Best Buddies Macau”, but also provides a platform for Transmac to communicate, receives comments and requirement from the society in order to enhance Bus services. Some staff stated that they have further understanding of the special person and will pay extra attention and offer assistance when they encounter them.


The event took place at Sai Van Lake Squre at the lower deck, participants walked 1 circle around the Sai Van Lake, also music shows, best dressing competition and lucky draw were organized. Transmac will continue undertake the corporate responsibility and participate in different charity activates to support the community.