Transmac buses equipped with audio and visual recording devices

11 February 2021

According to the new bus contract, Transmac needs to ensure passengers and other road users lives and property safety. Therefore, in accordance with the law of the “Personal Data Protection Act” and the “Guidelines for In-Vehicle Audio and Video Recording System” issued by the Transport Bureau, Transmac will be installing audio and video recording devices in the monitoring equipment of the bus compartment.

In order to protect the safety and legal rights of passengers and bus drivers, as well as to provide quality bus services, audio and video recording equipment must be installed inside and outside of the buses. Starting from February 12, all operating buses of Transmac will conduct audio and video recording for monitoring purposes. The audio recording will be located near the bus driver’s cab, and in accordance with the guidelines of the Transport Bureau, relevant notices will be posted near the door, cash box, next to the bus driver and at the most appropriate locations of the entire video recording surveillance, to remind the driver and passengers that audio and video recording are taking place.

Transmac will effectively perform its functions in accordance with the “Personal Data Protection Act” and related guidelines, hoping that the relevant equipment can better restore the conditions inside and outside the bus, in order to ensure the safety of the bus drivers, passengers and road users.