Special notice

10 February 2020

From 10th February, 2020 (Monday), routes 9A, 72, 4 and 39 will be temporarily replaced by mid-size buses and minibuses. Since the captain needs to be familiar with the model conversion, the company plans to switch from routes 9A and 72 to mid-size buses operation from 11th February (Tuesday). After the conversion, it will balance the passenger capacity and utilize the resources.


In addition, routes 4, 39 are now operated by mid-size buses. The company will continue to pay close attention to the passenger volume and service level of the carriages at all times. It will also balance the travel needs of the public and temporarily maintain the operation of the original model (according to government arrangements, the settlement will be based on the smaller bus model), depending on changes in passenger demand.


The Company will continue to pay attention to make appropriate adjustments in response to changes in passenger demand during the epidemic, and appreciate for the public understanding.