Special Notice

30 September 2020

Our company is deeply sorry for the traffic accident and the impact caused on other road users, on the morning of 29th September, due to a mechanical failure of route 5AX which lead to oil leaking while passing through Monte da Guia tunnel.


The incident caused several motorcycles and private cars to have traffic accidents due to the oil stain on the ground and those injured were sent to hospital for treatment. Our company apologizes for this incident, and has been concerned about the condition of the injured and expressed condolences to them. Our company will try the best to provide assistance to the injured, and wish them a speedy recovery.


The bus involved in the incident had a maintenance performance 4 days ago, and the parts involved are operating normally, and have only been driven about 500 kilometers since. After preliminary inspection, it is suspected that the internal parts of the compressor were accidently broken and the cylinder of the compression pump was broken, causing oil leakage. Our company is now fully cooperating with the police investigation and follow-up, and will strengthen the supervision of bus driving safety rules in order to avoid similar incidents from happening again. Our company will continue to provide services to the public with a serious and responsible attitude.