Father’s Day Special: Transmac’s Father and Daughter Dual Bus Captain

21 June 2020

Have everyone heard that Transmac has a father and daughter dual bus captain?


The daughter Wai lan has been working as a captain for nearly a year. She usually drives the No. 9 minibus. Able to control any size of vehicle, she has revealed that she has loved cars since she was a child. When she was a student, she once took the 28C bus driven by his father, and thought; “My dad is so cool and stylish, I admire him so much”. Therefore, after graduation, I became a bus captain with the encouragement of my father.


Meng joined Transmac five years ago as a bus captain, usually driving 26A and 102X. In the past, every day when he finished work, he would share his interesting work moments with Wai lan. Over time, Wai lan was also very interested in becoming a bus captain. Later, he learned that Wai lan wanted to join Transmac as a bus captain, Meng was ecstatic. When Wai lan drove the bus for the first time, Meng accompanied her to cheer for Wai lan.


Wai lan said that after working as a bus captain, she had more topic exchanges with her father, almost all related to work. Dad would also share his experience all day long, for example, when he encounters a difficult street corner or bend, and he would remind Wai lan when he returns home. Sometimes, one works during day shift and the other at night shift so they will use memo paper to communicate and care for each other.


When Meng was asked for his wish on Father’s Day, he looked satisfied saying that he’s so happy as his daughter invited him for dinner, and this wish have been fulfilled the day before the visit; Wai lan said that she has something to say to her father on Father’s Day: “I just hope my father will always be healthy”.


Transmac wishes all fathers a healthy and happy Father’s Day! If passengers are fortunate enough to meet the father and daughter dual bus captain, remember to say hello to them!