The patient diagnosed in Hong Kong had taken the Transmac No. 26A bus on 24th March

1 April 2020

Macau government announced the updated of a Hong Kong diagnosed patient in Macau for few days. According to the information, the patient had taken the Tranmac route 26A bus twice on 24th March. The first route 26A bus number is K320, license plate MW2856. The patient got on the “Almeida Ribeiro / Rua Camilo Pessanha” Station at 12:51pm on the 24th March, and got off at the “Hac Sa Beach” Station at 1:34pm in the afternoon. Wearing a mask, she stayed near the middle door and sat in the third row of the seat on the right side of the bus. The patient then took bus No. K205 and bus No. MP6014 at “Hac Sa Beach” Station at 4pm on the 24th March, and got off at “Almeida Ribeiro / Rua Camilo Pessanha” Station at 4:42pm and sat in the second row of the seat on the left side of the Bus. Masks is worn throughout the ride.


In addition, the K320 bus has traveled the following routes from 25th March to 31st March: route 25 (25th, 28th March), routes AP1 / 25B (26th March), route 9A (27th March), route 51A (29th March) and routes 33 / 25B (30th, 31st March); Bus K205 has traveled on route 5X (24th-28th, 30th, 31st March) and route 26A (26th March), routes 33 (27th March), no operation on the 29th March.


The two involved buses have ceased service and undergo deep disinfection at about 7pm on 31st March. During the daily operation, the bus must disinfected and cleaned at the main station every time before route rotation, and the inside and outside of the bus are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after returning to the depot every night. The two concerned captains have arranged for quarantine observation at home and are now in good health. Transmac appeals to passengers who have taken the route bus during the above-mentioned period to pay attention to their own health conditions, and if they are feeling unwell, please seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and remind the general public to remember to wear masks to get on the bus, wash their hands frequently, and reduce their hands to touch their face.


All buses of Transmac have installed captain protection curtains, and all front-line employees are equipped with sufficient masks and cleaning supplies. In addition to the daily disinfection and cleaning process, Transmac also uses the newly introduced nano-photocatalyst technology to spray disinfection coatings on the buses, to form a long-lasting and sterilizing protective film to inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses. Facing the second wave of epidemics in recent days, Transmac will continue to actively enhance the epidemic prevention work, fight the epidemic with the public with a serious and rigorous attitude, and put the safety and health of employees and passengers at first.