Regarding the 30th case of New Coronavirus diagnosed patients in Macao who took the route 26A bus related matters

26 March 2020

Macau government has announced the 30th case of New Coronavirus diagnosed patients in Macao, who had taken the Transmac route 26A bus twice on 19th March. Transmac has immediately followed up and made the following announcement: The first bus involved is the route 26A bus, the vehicle number is K224, license plate MP6422. The patient had taken off from Cheoc-Van BBQ Park at 11:16 am on 19th March, and got off at “Estrada do Istmo / Parisian” at 11:30am. The patient sat in the right row of the seat at the rear of the car and wore masks throughout the ride. The bus has provide services at route 26A and route 34 on the 19th March till now, and has ceased service and carried out deep disinfection at about 4pm on 25th March. In the afternoon of the 19th March, the patient took the route 26A bus again, vehicle number K272, license plate MR8272, and got on the bus from ” Estrada do Istmo / Sands City Center” at 2:14 pm, and got off at Cheoc-Van BBQ Park at 2:31pm and sat at the rear four rows of right-hand seats, and patients wear masks throughout the ride. The car has also been providing services for route 26A from 19th March to the present, and has stopped service and returned to the depot for deep disinfection at 7 pm on 25th March. In addition, Transmac also arranges daily cleaning staff to disinfect the bus after the bus stops at the main station, and thoroughly cleans and disinfects inside and outside of the cabin after the bus returns to the depot.


The two captains who involved have been arranged for home quarantine and observation. The current health condition is good, and Transmac will continue to pay attention to their physical conditions. During the epidemic prevention period, Transmac has been paying close attention to the physical condition of employees, and strictly stipulates that employees should measure body temperature and declare health before work. Transmac appeals to passengers who have taken the route bus during the above-mentioned period, please pay attention to their own health conditions and seek medical treatment if feeling unwell. If there is any further relevant news, Transmac will announce to the public immediately.


Transmac has installed captain protection curtains for all of its buses, equipped all frontline staff with masks and cleaning supplies, and strictly enforced the requirement that passengers must wear masks to get on the bus to reduce the chance of virus transmission. Together to fight the epidemic, Transmac will continue to remain alert and will not slacken in the efforts. It also urges passengers to wear masks and don’t touch their face with their hands, and wash their hands with disinfectant after getting off the bus.