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3 February 2020

According to the traffic information released by the Health Bureau (SSM) regarding the first local patient diagnosed with the new coronavirus, the patient had taken the Transmac route 28C bus to return home on the evening of 28th January, and Transmac has immediately followed up and taken anti-epidemic response Measures. According to the information, the related bus is Transmac route 28C (license plate number MK9370). The patient took the bus from the Peak Hospital Emergency Building Station to the Avenida LESTE DO HIPÓDROMO Station from 10:28 pm to 10:45 pm on 28th January. There are fewer passengers in the bus. Both the patient and the companion wear masks when sitting in the bus, and sit far away from the bus captain. There are no other passengers sitting in the front and rear rows or beside them. After the bus returned to the depot that night, the cleaning staff used disinfectant to clean the inside and outside of the bus as usual. The bus has been suspended and deep disinfection cleaning has been carried out again; the captain who involved has left Macau for vacation few days ago. Transmac already ask the captian to be quarantine at home for 14days before return Macau. Now the captain is in good health condition and will pay close attention to its physical condition during quarantine.


Tranmac appeals to passengers who took the route bus during the above-mentioned period to pay attention to their own health conditions, and seek medical advice immediately if feeling unwell. Again, passengers must wear mask on Bus, passengers without mask will not be allowed on board. Bus windows should also be opened to maintain air circulation to reduce bacterial infection. Transmac will continue to take good anti-epidemic measures, such as measure the body temperature of each employee and equip with disinfection and cleaning supplies, and maintain high-intensity car disinfection.