Transmac held the Bus Maintenance Competition Award Dinner

15 August 2019

Transmac had held the Bus maintenance competition at the bus depot on 15th July mainly focus on mechanical, electrical, Air con and body of the bus. Partitioners were required to form a group to join the competition. The competition required not only utilize professional knowledge and technic, but also development of team spirit. At last, Jury in the Competition used the angle from manufacturing process, work quality, completeness, compliance and timely manner to assess plus 2 weeks monitoring period to select the winning team.


Transmac held the Bus maintenance competition award dinner last night. Mr. Alfred Liu Chairman of Transmac was presented the awards to winning staff members. The event was concluded in a cheerful atmosphere. Repairation and Maintenance team will continue to comply with the 4 principle of reparation and mainatenace, which are diligent, in-depth research, coordinate and safety.