TRANSMAC adjusts bus schedules to tie in with the commencement of school year

1 September 2020

60% of the schools in Macau started a new semester today and most of the traffic and road works are completed before the commencement of the school year, leaving the roads free for traffic. To cope with the increase in travel demand, TRANSMAC made preparation in advance by planning for vehicle inspections and maintenance, added special shifts of buses, and adjusted frequencies flexibly according to passenger demand through the use of transportation technology. Meanwhile, TRANSMAC has deployed more staff to assist passengers in boarding and alighting and used mobile BU machines at large passenger flow stations to speed up passenger boarding to ease the flow of people at the stations.


TRANSMAC has predicted passenger flow distribution scientifically in combination with the superimposing passenger flows of attending school and going to work; has increased the frequency by 20% compared to the summer vacation period, and arranged special shifts to pick up passengers mid-way through the school year to facilitate the passenger flow. TRANSMAC also has deploying staff at bus stations to maintain waiting order and instruct passengers at stations with high passenger flows such as Praça Ferreira do Amaral and Portas do Cerco, and meanwhile arranged technicians in main stations and dispatched trailers to ensure the smooth operation of buses.


Also, TRANSMAC continues to take epidemic prevention measures, including disinfecting and cleaning all buses arriving at the bus terminus, requiring passengers to wear masks on board, and thoroughly cleaning the inside and outside of the buses after returning to the depot to ensure environmental sanitation. TRANSMAC will constantly monitor the operation and passenger flows of buses in different districts, make timely adjustments to bus frequencies, and try to guarantee convenient travel of public; as well as reminding the public to leave home early and take personal protection measures when traveling.