Transmac held “Fire Drill Training”

22 June 2016

Days ago Transmac had invited the Fire Department of Macao in conducting 3 sessions of “Fire and Emergency Response Drill” training courses at Taipa Fire Station with each session of around one and a half hours for the front-line bus captains and supervisors in strengthening the awareness of fire prevention and fire fight to the reduce accidents which may jeopardize the safety of bus passengers and the road users, especially to train up their abilities in straining and monitoring the situation, such as when the bus got fire or any unexpected accident occurs.

Training course measures based on teaching the methods of fire prevention, fire emergency response and fire extinguishing to let the staffs realize the crisis when fire occurs. In addition to train employees with basic practical operations of fire extinguishing, but also let them practice by using the fire extinguishers to put down the fire and learn how to break the window glass with the life-saving escape hammer to evacuate by themselves. From those practices the employees can obtain some theoretical knowledge of fire prevention safety, fire evacuation and improve their senses in emergency response.

Participants in this training course expressed that through this training they were re-educated with a correct concept on fire safety, as well as the processing methods and techniques to prevent when encounter a fire. Hope the company can hold different type of courses in the future. This training course, conducted by the professional tutor from Fire Department of Macau has successfully came to an end with enthusiastically questions and interactive drills.