Transmac held a traffic accident drill

26 July 2020

To raise the awareness of bus captains on crisis management and to improve resilience and strengthen the communication mechanism between Transmac and government departments in case of accidents, Transmac, together with the Fire Services Department (CB) and the Public Security Police Force (CPSP) organized a traffic accident drill at Rotunda da Aeronáutica recently and invited representatives from Transport Bureau (DSAT) and TCM to attend. The scale of this drill exercise was relatively large which involved approximately 80 staff from Transmac and about 20 firemen and 5 police officers from the Fire Services Department and Public Security Police Force respectively. At the same time, five emergency rescue vehicles and five police vehicles were dispatched to assist in simulate the accident.


In the drill exercise, two buses were simulated to be involved in an accident when traveling along the road. The front bus suddenly braked, causing the rear bus to be unable to stop and crash into it.  Several passengers were leaned forward violently caused by the force and two passengers were injured. One of the bus captains immediately reported to the Operation Center which they took emergency measures right away by calling the Fire Services Department and Public Security Police Force, and reported to the Transport Bureau. At the same time, employees were arranged to assist on the scene. The other bus captain led the passengers to evacuate and during that moment, a fire was discovered at the rear of the bus ahead. The bus captain followed the emergency procedures and took out the fire extinguisher and tried putting out the fire. However, it was not successful, and therefore, he quickly moved to a safe location. After receiving the report, the Fire Services Department and Public Security Police Force immediately dispatched emergency rescue vehicles, police cars and carried out rescue operations like evacuation and fire extinguishing work. Paramedics conducted initial first-aid on the two injured passengers and sent them to the hospital for further treatment. An incident response specialist from Transmac and a new bus arrived at the scene to safely pick up the passengers and leave the scene and two trucks were also arranged to tow the two buses involved in the accident away from the scene. The entire drill exercise lasted about 35 minutes and the process was very realistic and smooth.


Transmac believes that the experience gained from this drill exercise will help strengthen the communication and emergency response capabilities in the incidents of all parties and appreciates the support and cooperation of all parties in making the exercise a success. Transmac has always been equipped with fire extinguishing and emergency safety equipment in bus compartments to ensure the safety of the captains and passengers. Regular accident drills will be conducted to further improve various contingency plans and maintain close coordination and cooperation with government departments.