Transmac arranges fire safety seminars

23 July 2015

Around 100 employees of Transmac – Transportes Urbanos de Macau S.A.R.L. participated in “Fire and Emergency Management” seminars organized by the Fire Services Bureau at the invitation of Transmac.

Two one-hour seminars took place on 20th and 22nd July. They focused on the prevention and handling of fires, introduced the fire hazards faced by the employees and taught them the proper operation of fire equipment, as well as fire escapes. The participants were eager to ask questions, while the speakers gave them explanations in a professional manner before the seminars concluded.

Frontline employees of Transmac who took part in the seminars said they benefited from the opportunity, which enhanced their fire safety awareness and equipped them with skills to handle and escape from fires. They also understood through the seminars the importance of fire prevention. The participants said they hoped that more seminars of different types could be organized in the future.