Macau University Tunnel Drill Exercise to Increase Strain

26 September 2020

In the early hours of 26th September, Transmac together with the Transport Bureau, Fire Services Bureau, Public Security Police Force, Institute for the Development and Quality, Macau, University of Macau and Underwater Tunnel Management Company held a traffic accident exercise in the underwater tunnel of the University of Macau. The purpose was to test the coordination and communication capacities of all parties in the event of a traffic accident, and the fire extinguishing system of the tunnel. Transmac sent about 20 employees to participate, and dispatched a bus and a tow truck to simulate the exercise.


This simulation exercise took place in the outer lane of the University of Macau campus towards Taipa. On the scene, a private car failed to brake in time and hit the front bus of Transmac and the car smoked logged and on fire subsequently. The driver was trapped and the bus driver claimed to be injured. The Underwater Tunnel Management Company immediately instructed the security guards to go to the scene to understand the situation and to call the police and also to block other vehicles from entering the tunnel. The security guards then activated the fire system in the tunnel, including; jet fan ventilation, fire broadcasting alert, fire water pumps and opened 2 spray valves to control the fire. On receipt of the emergency call, Fire Services arrived at the scene to rescue, and rescued the injured who got trapped, who was then sent to the hospital for treatment. After the fire was extinguished, the bus involved was dragged away by a Transmac tow truck and towed away by traffic police. The exercise lasted for about 30 minutes, and the process, the communication mechanism and the fire fighting system operation was smooth. To properly respond to various types of traffic accidents, Transmac will continue to conduct regular accident drill exercises in the future, in order to maintain close contact with the various related parties.