Tranmac introduces new equipment for cleaning and disinfection of the buses

17 April 2020

In order to improve the efficiency of cleaning and disinfection inside and outside the bus, Transmac has specially purchased 2 types of additional equipment. “Double Tube Pulse Mist” and “High Pressure Car Washer”. The principle of the “mist sprayer” is to use powerful pulse power to break the disinfection liquid into particles, spray it at a high speed and diffuse it into the air quickly. It has a very high penetration and thus achieves the effect of sterilization and disinfection. It is used with disinfection water, which is rinsed with a powerful water column and has the characteristics of strong scouring power, which can effectively remove stubborn dirt, disinfect and clean all parts of the bus in all directions.


These two types of equipment are currently under testing. Transmac are expected to be used in conjunction with each other to further enhance the internal and external facilities of the bus for more comprehensive sterilization and disinfection, so that the public will be more at ease when riding the bus.