Transmac enhance epidemic prevention measures

26 February 2020

In order to protect the safety of the captain during the epidemic prevention period, Transmac has recently installed barrier at the driving area for more than 300 bus to reduce the risk of contamination. The barrier is made of transparent plastic curtains, which can effectively reduce the chance of getting sick through droplets or contact as well as not affecting the captain’s sight and driving environment. Every time the bus arrives at the main station, the station staff will spray disinfection water to clean the plastic curtains. After returning to the depot at night, deep cleaning and disinfection will be carried out to ensure that the bacteria do not adhere on the surface.


In addition, Transmac also equips all station attendants with protective glasses. Not jsut to preventi viruses, but also can protect their eyes from disinfectant sprayed. Also, all frontline staff, including station supervisor, captain and station attendants, have been given alcohol rubs, Hand liquid and alcohol disinfection sprays to keep hands clean. A captain said that a series of measures are comprehensive and considerate, can effectively prevent germs, and feel more at ease when working. As for the remaining anti-epidemic measures in the cabin, Transmac will continue to be strictly implemented the measure, clean the cabins and air-conditioning filter every day, and registered for the cleaning staff to ensure that the relevant measures are in place to protect the passengers Safety and health.