Transmac organizes fire drills and training

22 June 2016

Transmac – Transportes Urbanos de Macau, S.A.R.L. (the Company) recently organized fire safety training sessions for its employees to strengthen the fire prevention and safety awareness of its bus captains and terminal supervisors, and improve their crisis management skills.

The Company invited the Fire Services Bureau to arrange four “Fire Drills and Crisis Management” training sessions, which took place at the Taipa Fire Training Camp. Each training session lasted for one and a half hours, and more than 130 Transmac staff members participated.

The training sessions mainly covered the prevention, handling and extinguishing of fires, as well as the evacuation of passengers. The instructors first explained to the Transmac staff members the risks of bus fires and knowledge of fire evacuation procedures. They also answered questions from the participants regarding fire safety.

Apart from giving a verbal explanation, the instructors also showed the participants the correct procedures in operating different types of fire extinguishers before giving the participants the chance for a try it out for themselves. They received training on operating fire extinguishers to put out fires, using the emergency hammer to break the bus windows, opening the emergency door for themselves and rescuing others.

The training sessions were conducted in an orderly manner. They provided the Transmac staff members with the knowledge and skills of fire safety, fire extinguishment and emergency management. All participants were very focused during the training sessions, and interacted well with the instructors. They were able to finish all exercises under the professional guidance of the instructors.

Safety is always the first priority of Transmac. The Company organizes fire drills every year to improve the safety awareness of its employees. All participating Transmac staff members said the training sessions were greatly beneficial for them.

After joining the fire drills, participants were able to successfully extinguish fires with different types of tools. They believe that the valuable experience will be very useful in the future if they need to handle emergency situations.

The Company will continue to organize different training sessions for its employees to improve their crisis management skills. The goal is to ensure the safety of passengers and staff members in order to deliver high quality bus services and to offer a safer and more comfortable commuting experience.